Schedule Tire Rotation in Spokane

Give your tires some attention with help from Mercedes-Benz of Spokane

Here's a little trivia question: How much weight from your Mercedes-Benz model is carried by your front tires? The answer is up to 60%. This little known fact has led our team at Mercedes-Benz of Spokane to dedicated time and effort into our own Tire Center where our own certified technicians provide a variety of tire options in approved sizes to meet our customers' various brand preferences and needs.

Here in Liberty Lake, our customers make the short trip from Spokane, Coeur D'Alene, and Post Falls, ID to bring in their new or used Mercedes-Benz model to work with a team of experts who share a passion for providing excellent service and delivering high-quality performance and handling results.

Wondering if your model's tires need some love and attention? Our team provides this trick to customers, telling drivers to insert a penny, head first, into the tire tread. If Lincoln's head remains visible, we tell our customers it's time for tires.

To help keep the wear on your tires even, we offer tire rotations. Because the front tires carry more weight than the rear, the front tend to wear at a faster rate than the rears. Rotating the tires helps prevent this uneven wear.

Other maintenance items include balancing and alignments. Keeping your tires balanced helps prevent tire vibration issues, which also helps to prevent patchy tire wear. Performing periodic alignments also helps keep tire wear even. Our technicians are happy to check your alignment for you and adjust it back to within specifications, if needed.

Next time you make our way to our dealership for an auto service or repair need, take a look at our ServiceAppointment Request form for your own convenience.

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